Will there be a housing market crash?

Answer a QuestionCategory: Real EstateWill there be a housing market crash?
SamS asked 12 months ago

Hello everyone, I live in the US and the housing market appears to be on the bull right now. I am thinking about purchasing a house but I am holding back as it might be on sale soon. Do you think there will be a housing market crash in the near future?

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Sean C. answered 12 months ago

I don’t think we’ll know until it happens especially with the whole Trump thing going on. If anything, the market should rebalance shortly now that it has been on a high for so long. The economy won’t be able to sustain the bull market for much longer.

Abraham12 answered 12 months ago

Personally, I think there will never be a good time to purchase real estate. You could be waiting forever for the market to crash or the market will crash the next day. The best thing to do is to find a good deal right now.

Jeff answered 11 months ago

I agree with Abraham. There will never be a good time, as long as you find a good opportunity, I would say why not jump in on it.