Will the US economy be good for the year 2017?

Answer a QuestionCategory: Stocks and BondsWill the US economy be good for the year 2017?
Jeff asked 1 year ago

Now that President Trump is in office, how will you predict the US economy will be like for the year?
Initially, I had thought that the stock market would crash but apparently, it has been quite the opposite.

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Sean C. answered 1 year ago

Hey Jeff. I agree with your viewpoint. Although, I would like to wait a little while to see how this plays out before buying too many stocks right now.

Abraham12 answered 1 year ago

I think it will be only a matter of time before the Trump administration causes the collapse of the US economy especially with all the new trade policy changes.

Jeff answered 1 year ago

Either way works for me. If it collapses, I will enjoy the discounts in the markets and if it improves, that would be good as well.