Which bill would you pay first?

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Suzanne Sholer asked 12 months ago

Due to memory problems, I forgot to send in some essential paperwork . This has me in a financial quandry at the moment.
If I pay my union dues of $280 I will get paid double my usual pay when I am called for supply teaching, so I should recoup these funds in 2 working days.
This is a bit of a gamble because I keep getting calls and then they keep cancelling on me. I am not sure but I think If I pay my dues, I get paid for cancellations too.
My other outstanding bills are:
Mortgage – 412 – 2 months
Taxes – 800
Insurance- car & home – automatic withdrawal
Water heater and repair contract-

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Jeff answered 12 months ago

Hello Suzanne, it is really up to you what you want to do with the union dues. I would recommend that you call the union rep for more information before you make a decision in that area.
As for your other bills, could you please clarify on the mortgage. Do you have 2 months of mortgage due with $412 each? If so, the mortgage should be your top priority.
As for the other expenses, I would figure out which bill will have the highest interest rate. Taxes, insurance, water heater would come next for me followed by internet and hydro. Again, this would all depend on how behind are you with each of these bills.

I hope this helps, if you would like to discuss it further, more information would be helpful.