What type of credit card rewards do you go for?

Answer a QuestionCategory: General FinanceWhat type of credit card rewards do you go for?
Sean C. asked 1 year ago

I was just wondering what type of credit card rewards you would go for? Right now, I am using a cash back credit card but I am considering switching over to travel rewards. Any opinion is appreciated. Thanks!!

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Abraham12 answered 1 year ago

I like to use travel rewards not simply because it is better but because I love to travel and I don’t do that enough. Travel rewards will give me an excuse to travel more. 🙂

Jeff answered 1 year ago

I love your answer Abraham! I think I am going to switch over to travel rewards as well. Unfortunately, it will take years to accumulate anything worthwhile to use, it might not be worth the hassle. Just my opinion…

Isaved5K answered 1 year ago

Cash is King.  I love cash back credit cards.  I have a few of them, but I mainly use the Tangerine No fees Cash back credit card.   I have two of these tangerine cards.  One as primary cardholder and the second one as a secondary cardholder.  So when I combine these two cards, I get six categories with two percent cash back.  This cover over 90% of my purchases.